Parent & Caregiver Seminar:

How to Talk to Your Child or Teen About Sex Trafficking

It can feel overwhelming to try to address such a scary issue as sex trafficking, but with the right information and resources, you can be better equipped to have healthy conversations with your child and help protect them. Tickets are $10

Amy Thurston – President & CEO of Hope Inspire Love

Gain valuable insight on how children and teens are being targeted, groomed, and at-risk for Sex Trafficking. This seminar will provide you with foundational approaches to safety, and prevention methods along with age-appropriate methods for conversation. It includes information to help you understand the reality of human trafficking, and most importantly, what you can do to safeguard your loved ones and others in your community.

If you are a parent or guardian, grandparent, teacher, educator, coach, youth leader, or just want to learn more about the subject matter, this seminar will provide a framework to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the crime of sex trafficking.


The seminar covers several relevant and critical topics:

  • What is child sex trafficking?
  • How does trafficking happen?
  • Online apps to be aware of
  • Internet safety & how predators use it to exploit young people
  • Sexting, sextortion, and red flag phrases
  • Pornography and how it fuels the trafficking industry
  • Who are the traffickers?
  • How can parents keep kids and teens safe from trafficking?
  • Methods of preventing abuse and exploitation
  • Learn the signs of trafficking
  • What can parents do if they are concerned a child is being trafficked?
  • Learn action steps for how to respond to and prevent sex trafficking.

* Snacks and refreshments will be served.


hope inspire love founder Amy ThurstonABOUT THE SPEAKER:

Amy Thurston is the president and CEO of Hope Inspire Love. As president, she is passionate about guiding the mission of eradicating human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Her vision is to provide hope to the hopeless, inspire people to be world-changers, and provide love and care to survivors of sex trafficking.

Amy holds a degree in Youth Ministry and Counseling from Southeastern University and a background in Christian Leadership. Amy also has a certificate of training in i:Care: Recognizing and Caring for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims from Shared Hope International Training Center. She also is a life coach and a credentialed minister, speaker, and educator. Since 2002, she has mentored and advocated for survivors of sexual abuse. She currently spearheads Hope’s Trauma-informed Mentorship Program where she works with survivors of sex trafficking. Her previous work with human injustice in Chile and Nicaragua has also provided powerful serving opportunities that have changed people’s lives.