Hope Inspire Love delivers training and education to enhance the public response to human trafficking. We cater to high schools, colleges, universities, churches, nonprofits, community centers, and businesses.

Our training provides information to identify and respond to the complex issues of trafficking and address the root causes that make individuals, families, and communities vulnerable to trafficking.

We also collaborate with communities across the United States to deliver training that is coordinated, innovative, and results driven.

Our multi-modal training brings together the best methods of in-person and virtual education to equip the public.

In-Person Training

Our staff provides a customized training curriculum to fit your needs on location.

You will receive training to:

  • understand types of trafficking
  • learn how to recognize risk factors and warning signs
  • identify potential child and adult victims
  • requirements and resources for intervening and reporting

Note: Some trainings have an honorarium or fee/donation requirement. We will let you know once we process this form.

Complete the form below to submit your request. Please note that we are not able to accommodate all requests. We will reply with our availability.