Fundraise for Hope Inspire Love and help raise funds

Become a Hope Inspire Love Ambassador today and start a fundraiser. As a Hope Ambassador and fundraiser, you raise resources and awareness in your community by utilizing your talents, gifts, and passions to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves!

Give up your birthday, wedding, anniversary or other celebration gifts to fundraise for Hope Inspire Love and be a part of this worldwide movement!

By giving up YOUR celebration, you are helping to prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation and provide freedom and aftercare for rescued victims.

Don’t have a celebration any time soon? Don’t worry…you can run, hike, sell lemonade, shave your head…you can do almost anything to fundraise for our nonprofit and the work we do.


Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook allows you to fundraise for Hope Inspire Love by raising money for nonprofits.

When you select Hope Inspire Love to receive your fundraising donations, you are making an impact on those we serve.

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