Join Hope Inspire Love as a

Prayer Warrior

The Hope Inspire Love Prayer Warriors are in consistent, intentional, and guided prayer for those rescuing and being rescued.

Join us as a Prayer Warrior to help pray for victims of human trafficking, their perpetrators, families, community leaders, law enforcement, and frontline partners. We also pray for all nonprofit organizations that work to put an end to human trafficking, their staff, volunteers, interns, the work they do, and we pray that they seek the Lord’s guidance in everything they do to accomplish this mission.

As a Prayer Warrior, you will receive a FREE copy of our 31 Days of Prayer for Human Trafficking journal so you can start praying with us for an end to human trafficking.

By joining the Hope Inspire Love Prayer Warriors, you are committing to coming alongside our organization and pray with fervor, persistence, and effectiveness in the areas of: protection, strength, guidance, healing, restoration, unity, provision, rescue, freedom, and intercession.

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