Together we are shining a light on human trafficking.

Hope Inspire Love fights sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in three strategic ways:

Trauma-Informed Mentorship, Outreach & Awareness, and Prevention Education.

Trauma-Informed Mentorship

We provide trauma-informed mentorship services that establish supportive relationships with at-risk youth and young adults, and survivors of sex trafficking.

Our mentors journey with survivors each step of the way, and the Hope Mentorship program is tailored to each young woman’s needs. Hope Mentorship’s main focus is to walk alongside a young woman in her day-to-day life, providing support, encouragement, goal setting, and modeling healthy relationships.

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Outreach & Awareness

We strive to shift the culture by amplifying the voice of the voiceless with powerful messages through video, trainings, digital media, and the written word.

We engage people through targeted awareness campaigns and events that reduce vulnerability and disrupt the demand for sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery.

We are also a force for good that disrupts human trafficking at its core by equipping the public with mechanisms to report a crime or abuse. Our goal is to raise awareness for human trafficking and exploitation, and provide an avenue to report crimes of trafficking and exploitation after being exposed to our campaigns.

Prevention Education

We educate and create resources that equip people with information on how to prevent sex trafficking and modern-day slavery from ever happening in the first place.

We equip communities with tools and resources to prevent human trafficking. Through presentations, educational programs, trainings, roundtables, speaking opportunities, and prevention materials.

Prevention and awareness-raising campaigns are an effective way to inform the general public how perpetrators are exploiting human beings for their own benefit, reduce demand, and encourage individuals and victims to make a report. Our goal is to equip with tools and information to prevent and identify exploitation and learn to identify the signs of these crimes so that individuals can make a more confident analysis of a situation and report it if they suspect a crime was being committed.