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What is Hope Inspire Love’s Mission Statement?

Hope Inspire Love exists to eradicate human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Go to our About page to learn more about Hope Inspire Love.

How can I get updates from Hope Inspire Love?

Sign up for email updates. We send periodic emails with updates, impact stories, events, and opportunities for you to join us in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You can also get the latest information and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Does Hope Inspire Love Only Operate in the United States?

Hope Inspire Love operates both nationally and internationally. Our headquarters are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but we currently do work in the United States, Chile, and Nicaragua. We are always evaluating opportunities to expand our reach into different communities and countries because human trafficking is everywhere.

What Type of Human Trafficking Do You Focus On?

Hope Inspire Love is committed to abolishing Sex Trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation while fighting to uproot the larger system of injustice and exploitation that made it possible. Although we do support other types of trafficking that fall under the force, fraud or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his/her will, our primary focus is on abolishing sex trafficking and underlying causes in our culture that allow the industry of sexual exploitation to thrive.

Do you rescue victims from human trafficking?

We recognize that prevention and awareness is the first step to put an end to trafficking. We are deeply committed to prevention and awareness projects. Visit our Solutions page for more details on our 3-tier solution approach. Hope Inspire Love only works on trafficking identification, intervention, and rescue cases only, and if when, under the authority of and in collaboration with local police only in a support-based role. When we claim a rescue, we are referencing cases in which we had a significant role or impact through supplying investigative support, key evidence, critical technology, or substantial funding resources.

Do You Support Aftercare for Victims?

Hope Inspire Love does not work directly with aftercare victims but we do partner and empower local social workers and private aftercare shelters and organizations that specialize in caring for human trafficking victims. We also support efforts of local organizations that specialize in caring for human trafficking survivors. We also provide local police with victim support while they prosecute traffickers and we also offer trainings to equip others in the work on the frontlines.

Do you partner with other NGOs and nonprofits in the fight against human trafficking?

Yes. Most of our partnerships are hand selected to aid in areas that Hope Inspire Love feels necessary to collaborate with such organizations as it works to accomplish its mission and their mission. When we donate to a charitable organization through a partnership, we help make the difference we’re unable to provide with our own hands. Consequently, social impact organizations don’t just work to achieve their mission—they also empower individuals to effect change. They mobilize people to play a part in making the world a better place.

How can I help?

You can help fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation by supporting the work Hope Inspire Love. Join us in our work with a one-time donation or sign up to give with a monthly donation to support our mission. You can also purchase with purpose by visit our online store and purchase products that fuel prevention and support survivors. We also welcome interns and volunteers to help us fulfill our mission.

How Do I Request a Speaker?

A big part of Hope Inspire Love’s mission involves public engagement and education. We welcome the opportunity to share with the broader business community, churches, schools, colleges and universities as a featured speaker, moderator, or panelist. To request a speaker, simply complete and submit the online request form, preferably six to eight weeks before your event. Please note that a submission does not guarantee a speaker for your event. Because of our limited availability and the demand is high, we cannot guarantee that all requests can be filled. Flexibility around dates will help immensely in securing a speaker and should be noted in the comments section of the form.

What is Freedom Walk?

Freedom Walk is a local fundraising and awareness event, rallying hundreds of people, taking thousands of steps, in our local community. We walk to disrupt the existence of slavery, shaking its very foundation with each step.

It’s an outward expression of our inward desire to see slavery abolished everywhere—in our cities, in our communities, and in our world. One step at a time and one dollar at a time, we walk and fundraise to see a world without slavery.

Join Freedom Walk today at and make an impact. The walk takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, October 2, and it is hosted by Hope Inspire Love.

How can I cancel my online subscription to e-mails?

The easiest way to cancel is to click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive from Hope Inspire Love. Another way is to log into your online account, then go to “Update Your Profile Information,” where you can uncheck the e-mail option. You can also go to “Manage Your E-mail Interests,” and specifically select what kind of communications you do or don’t want to receive from Hope Inspire Love. Be sure to click “Save” after making your selections. Log into your online account.

How can I be removed from the mailing list and/or e-mail?

If you want to stop or limit mailings to your home address, please submit your request via email to Please note that it may take from 4 to 8 weeks for this change to take effect. If you want to stop or limit e-mails from Hope Inspire Love, please see the answer above to “How can I cancel my online subscription?”

I am having technical difficulties with your website.

Please report Hope Inspire Love website technical errors to

Are You a Faith-Centered Organization?

Hope Inspire Love is a faith-centered nonprofit organization. Sons and daughters are being trafficked: bought, sold, abused, and enslaved. We’re on a mission to put an end to this crime. Hope Inspire Love is an organization built on a foundation of love, inclusion, and the protection of people from all backgrounds, religious or non-religious beliefs, ethnicities, age, socio-economic background, and sexual orientations and identities. We uphold the value that human rights stem from the inherent human dignity and value all humans possess, and we do not discriminate based on sex, race, class, political views, religious or non-religious views, or sexual orientations. Hope Inspire Love believes that every person deserves to be free from sexual exploitation and our work aims to make freedom a reality for every human being. Our advocacy, outreach, and reform efforts work to uplift and bring justice to all who have been exploited. We fight for the one. We fight for their freedom.

Is Hope Inspire Love tied to a particular church or denomination?

No. We are a non-denominational, faith-centered nonprofit organization that works in collaboration with many different churches and church denominations. We love our community and we are always seeking to partner with like-minded companies, organizations and churches.

What bird is on your logo and what does it symbolize?

Our logo has a freedom bird (a mix between a sparrow and a swallow) because in biblical times, lowly small birds were considered as birds of very little value and Jesus used them as an illustration of God’s care for his children. God’s eye is on the sparrow – God’s care for mankind.

In Luke 12:6, Jesus says, “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.”

Human beings and the little lowly birds are part of God’s miraculous handiwork. These birds represent and symbolize the concern of God for the most insignificant living things. Lowly birds of little worth are tiny and have dull, bland coloring. In the Bible, this physical insignificance represents the size and importance of each soul relative to the unfathomable expanse of the universe.

The Lord chose such a common little bird to illustrate such a profound truth. Everyone and everything God created is significant and His concern for his creations is limitless. Victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation are not alone because God does care for them and through our services, we are able to reach out to them, intercede for them, and help provide freedom.

Our society so easily violates and exploits the rights of people, deeming victims as of little value, insignificant and lowly status — treated as commodities. A sparrow is of course of comparatively little value, and it is, therefore, a striking exemplification of God’s providence to say that he watches even over the sparrow’s fall (Matthew 10:29), God also watches over each and every one of us. God cares and loves us. We are here to help prevent, educate, restore, and awaken a new sense of dignity and self-worth.

Join us in the movement to abolish modern-day slavery and fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Are donations to Hope Inspire Love tax deductible?

Yes. Hope Inspire Love, Inc., is a nonprofit public benefit corporation in the United States of America with tax exemption status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email or letter donation receipt as your official record. We’ll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.

How does monthly giving work?

Through Hope Inspire Love’s monthly giving program, you can play a key role in providing solutions to put an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the communities around the globe by making a secure, automatic monthly gift. Gifts can be made from a credit or debit card. With each gift, you are helping to transform the lives of children, families, and entire communities. Monthly donors are called Freedom Partners, and as such, their partnership plays an integral part in sustaining our ongoing efforts to end modern-day slavery.

What difference does monthly giving make?

Monthly Freedom Partner donors are vital to the work we do, providing reliable, consistent support needed to plan and implement urgently needed programs and solutions to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Your monthly gifts are vital to Hope Inspire Love’s ongoing efforts.

What are the benefits of monthly giving?

When you become a monthly Freedom Partner donor, you join a group of highly committed individuals whose ongoing dedication sustains our work to put an end to human trafficking and sexual exploitation all year long. Monthly giving also affords Hope Inspire Love donors a way to give that is both easy and convenient through gifts that are made automatically. Many Hope Inspire Love monthly supporters are surprised to see how significant their impact becomes through their gifts, month by month and year by year.

How will I know how my gifts are being used?

We’ll show you the impact of your giving through regular updates that demonstrate the powerful change you make possible. Through these updates, you’ll see first-hand the impact of your gifts and the transformation they create.

What if I have questions or need to make account changes?

You can manage your monthly giving online by logging into your personal account at or you can contact us via email at

How do I change the credit card or bank account for my monthly gift?

To update your credit card or bank account information, please log in to your online account at or contact our team via email at

Will I receive a record or receipt of my giving?

You will receive either a mailed or electronic receipt. For donations sent by mail, you will receive a paper receipt. For donations made online at, you will receive a receipt via email. We would be happy to answer any question you have – contact us via email at We’ll also send a year–end giving statement to help with the preparation of your taxes. Gifts given through third-party platforms such as Facebook will receive an automated receipt emailed by Facebook to the email address associated with your Facebook account.

How do I cancel my gift?

To cancel your gift, please log in to your online account at or contact our team via email at

How do I change the amount of my recurring gift?

Please log in to your online account at and create a new recurring gift with your new amount. Once that new gift is created, you can delete the previous recurring gift. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact our team via email at

Can I give via check each month?

Yes, you can make the check out to Hope Inspire Love and mail to P.O. Box 10995, Lancaster, PA 17602. Please notify us via email at once you send the check if you are intending to join as a monthly Freedom Partner so that we can set up your account accordingly.

Can I set up an electronic bill pay through my bank?

Yes, please log in to your online account at or contact our team via email at Once logged in, you will have the option to add your bank information.

I am already giving monthly to Hope. Do I automatically become a Freedom Partner?

If you give automatically by credit card or direct draft, you are already a Freedom Partner. If you give by check or bill pay and have not heard from us about your Freedom Partner gift, let us know at so we can confirm your partnership.

If I want to give, can my company match my gifts?

Yes, but only if your company has a donation matching program. If they do, go to your Human Resources office and ask them for a matching gift form. Fill it out, and follow the instructions. Please keep in mind that most companies have total amount limits to matching gifts. Consult your HR department for specific details and limitations.

How can I obtain a copy of Hope Inspire Love’s financial statements?

You can obtain a copy of our financial statements on the Financials page of our website.

How do I obtain a copy of Hope Inspire Love’s W-9 or 501(c)3 determination letter?

To obtain a copy of either document, you can visit our Financials page of our website.

What is the federal taxpayer ID number for Hope Inspire Love?

The EIN, or federal taxpayer identification number, for Hope Inspire Love is 82-0722363. For easy location, this number can also be found on the very bottom of every page of our website as well as on donor receipts and end-of-year statements.

Where do you get your funding?

Hope Inspire Love receives funding from individual donors, churches, community organizations, corporations, law firms, government agencies and foundations.

How can I help raise money for Hope Inspire Love?

Whether you would like to dedicate your birthday, run a marathon, or plan a different fundraising event, we have prepared a fundraising section filled with useful ideas and resources to help you. If you would like to create your own fundraising page, please go to Thank you for supporting our work!

I didn’t get a tax receipt for my donation. How can I obtain one?

A duplicate donation tax receipt can be requested by emailing us a If you made your gift online, log into your account and you can print a receipt.


If I am selected for an internship, will I have direct contact with victims?

All interns work closely with Hope Inspire Love staff in assisting the work we do and they receive exposure to the issues involved in rescuing and providing a new life to victims of oppression. However, for security reasons, interns do not have contact with victims and clients. Most of the work that interns are involved in relate to awareness campaigns and donor relations and communications.

Can I Intern Remotely?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our interns to work remotely. We believe it’s best for the organization and for the interns that they are present in our Pennsylvania office during their time with Hope Inspire Love.

Can I earn college or university credit for my internship?

If you’d like to receive credit for the internship from your academic institution, talk with your academic advisor or guidance counselor to begin that process; it will look different at each school. We’re happy to work with you to make sure you have everything you need to receive credit if it’s available.

I can’t intern for the entire term and/or will be coming late/leaving early. Will I still be accepted into the internship program?

We are unable to consider individuals who are not able to commit to complete the full term and the required hours. Interns must be able to provide a minimum of 8-10 hours a week between Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm and be available on some weekends for events. If you have special circumstances, please submit the application and include this information in it and we will review each case individually.

Are interns responsible for their own transportation?

Yes. Each intern is responsible for their own transportation to and from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as well as throughout the duration of the internship.

Do you provide housing and food during the internship?

Unfortunately, we do not provide housing or lodging for interns. We also do not provide food during your internship, but occasionally we will provide you with a meal if you are attending a training or an event with us.

What is Hope Inspire Love’s culture like?

We like to say that we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our culture is something we’re really excited about. We are very relational and family-like, and we love to learn from each other as we work together as a team!

What does a typical day look like?

There is no typical day at Hope Inspire Love. Responsibilities will depend on your role, but you will engage in staff meetings, be constantly learning and acquiring new experiences, and building relationships with other interns and staff as you rub shoulders with like-minded individuals.

How do I know the status of my internship application?

After you submit your internship application with the necessary materials (résumé/Curriculum Vitae [CV], references, video), we will personally review your submission. You will be contacted by email within 72 hours of our receipt of your submission and any relevant information regarding your application. Due to the volume of applications received, it can take us 2-3 weeks for review and processing before we pass potential candidates through phase one of the application process. We are unable to answer individual phone calls or email requests for status updates.


Why does Hope Inspire Love partner with other organizations?

At Hope Inspire Love, we understand that collaboration with local law enforcement, national leaders, and like-minded organizations and companies is critical for success. We believe that working together, we can make an impact on the fight to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and mobilize together with each of our respective areas and support to bring freedom as we end modern-day slavery.

How can I or my company partner with Hope Inspire Love for fundraising opportunities?

There are several ways you and/or your company can get involved in Hope Inspire Love’s mission. To view a list of partnership opportunities, go to our Partnerships page.

How can my company or organization partner with Hope Inspire Love?

At Hope Inspire Love, we believe that dynamic partnerships are critical to solving complex challenges that relate to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our partners – from corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs and business’s – are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities, while enhancing business and development goals. Together, Hope Inspire Love and our partners can help end modern-day slavery within our lifetime. For more information on partnerships, go to our Partnerships page.


Who can volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 16 can volunteer with Hope Inspire Love.

If I volunteer, will I be working with survivors of human trafficking?

While we appreciate your desire to personally work with victims and survivors of trafficking, we do not allow this. Most of our partner restoration homes don’t allow this either, but if you feel called to work directly with survivors, we recommend that you reach out directly to volunteer with a restoration home. The survivors in restoration homes and shelters are often suffering from trauma related to psychological and emotional issues, and are not in a position to cope with visitors or Hope Inspire Love volunteers. Due to the criminal nature of human trafficking, confidentiality and privacy of the survivors, we do not disclose the location of our partner restoration homes and shelters.

What is the time commitment required to volunteer?

Time commitments vary according to the area in which you choose to volunteer. Many volunteers work hours regularly every week or monthly. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities to determine which ones best fit your schedule.

How do I start the process of becoming a volunteer?

The first step to becoming a Hope Inspire Love volunteer is to apply online using our application form. As part of this process, you will be asked several questions and will be required to provide answers to essay questions. You will also be required to submit to a background check. Once all steps have been completed, you’ll be contacted to discuss next steps.

When should I apply?

There is no deadline for applying to volunteer. However, it is advised to apply as soon as possible after you have decided on your area of interest. Every area has limited number of spots available. We abide by the first come first serve policy.

Can I volunteer in more than one area?

Yes, you can volunteer in multiple areas, but we suggest you first focus on one area. Once you have volunteered for a while and have a better understanding of your time commitment, you are welcome to let us know if you would like to expand your volunteer time to accommodate other areas.

Will I be trained if I volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers will go through a specialized training session. Some areas require additional skill-set training, screening and clearance requirements.

Why do I have to complete a background check to volunteer?

In order to volunteer you must clear an background check (Investigative Consumer Report), which includes a Social Security Number Verification/Address History, Nationwide Sex Offender Registry, Multi-State Criminal Search, and Single County Searches. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, background checks are important to reaffirm our accountability to the public, donors, and the people we serve. The background check will help us achieve a more efficient and safer work environment for our staff, interns, and volunteers. Prospective volunteers must pass this background check in order to be cleared as an official volunteer.

Can I get a letter or proof of my volunteer hours?

Yes, let our volunteer program coordinator know you are seeking this information and we’ll be happy to provide you proof of your volunteer hours.

Why should I volunteer?

Hope Inspire Love is always looking for passionate, caring, like-minded, sold-out abolitionists to join us. Our volunteers do great things every day using their talents and skills in a variety of areas within our organization, from communications to marketing, advertising to writing, and from photography to graphic design. Volunteers also assist the organization team with general office duties, administrative needs, and representing Hope Inspire Love at local events. Our volunteers come from a variety of cultures and walks of life. If you have a heart to serve in any of these capacities and would like to gain experience in a fast-paced nonprofit office setting, please consider volunteering with Hope Inspire Love.